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Introducing an advanced press fitting system for larger pipes.

We all want the advantage in our favor. A competitive edge that’s so far superior, it’s almost unfair. For pipefitters specializing in carbon steel, that unfair advantage is finally here with MegaPress XL®. Gain the edge today with the newly innovated, meticulously engineered, revolutionary press fitting system designed for 2 ½” – 4″ diameter pipe. Only MegaPress XL makes installation faster, provides more control at less cost, and gives pipefitters the smart, reliable connection they need to stay ahead.

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On your mark. Get set. Finished.

On average, MegaPress XL installs in under 16 seconds per press connection. And, because there’s no fire watch required like there is with welding, it cuts out the additional manpower and cost.

Simple. Safer. Smarter.

Built for 2 ½” – 4″ carbon steel pipe, this press fitting solution is a great alternative to welding. It doesn’t involve cutting oils, sparks or fire hazards. Plus, MegaPress XL installs in any condition.

More certainty. More control. More success.

Finally estimate time and labor costs with uncanny accuracy. Because MegaPress XL gives you certainty with every connection, you’ll hit more job targets and become more efficient overall.

Built by a leader. So you can be one too.

With a heritage of engineering press fittings for carbon steel pipe, Viega provides quality you can count on. That’s why MegaPress XL comes with Viega’s Smart Connect technology to help ensure a secure, reliable connection.

A range of new shapes and sizes. At the same high standard.

MegaPress XL is an extension of our innovative MegaPress line. With MegaPress XL you get the same quality you already know and trust. Now it’s available for large diameter, carbon steel pipe. Press fittings come in a range of shapes including elbows, tees, adapters, couplings, reducers, caps and flanges. All specially engineered for diameters of 2 ½” – 4”.

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